The Victorian Age

The Victorian Age, 1840 – 1900, was when Victoria became queen of England in 1837 and reigned until her death in 1901. The age named after her was a period when England was at the height of power and prestige. In lighting , the Victorian Age included a variety of revival styles and sub styles that typified most nineteenth century lighting. There is no one Victorian style, and despite being named the Victorian Era, French, rather than English influence was actually stronger on American and European Antique lighting design.

The American lighting makers chose various features from the styles that evolved and incorporated them into their own designs. America was a melting pot of people and ideas, a rapidly growing nation with immigrants, many of them cabinetmakers and artisans, arriving in increasing numbers. American lighting styles evolved as cabinetmakers interpreted the styles popular in France and England in their own way and lighting became a trade of its own influenced by all the happenings surrounding them.

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