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1. Where do you get all of your Antique inventory?
 - We buy everything from other Antique dealers. We usually try to cultivate relationships with dealers who are not interested in restoring    Antique Lighting but are in a position to purchase it because they are buying other Antiques that they deal in.

2. How did you acquire knowledge about Antique Lighting?
 - The best way to acquire knowledge about Antique Lighting is through ownership.

3. How long have you been in business?
 - We have been in the Antique Lighting business since 1979. Take a look at our About Us category underneath the Details.

4. Do all of your fixtures have Antique shades?
In most cases we use Antique shades, however, gas and electric shade reproductions are available at a reduced price.

5. Does the fixture have modern hardware?
Yes, hardware is upgraded to modern electrical requirements.

6. Is the fixture rewired?
Yes, all fixtures are rewired according to the modern electrical code.

7. Are all of your Gas fixtures electrified?
Yes, all of our Gas Chandeliers have been converted to electric, conforming to the electrical code, with UL listed parts.

8. What does it mean to have a patina?
What we try to do is sell fixtures that retain the old finish , also referred to as a patina. We are certainly capable of doing other finishes should the customer require it.

9. Can the fixture be lengthened or shortened?
Almost all fixtures that we sell have to be either lengthened or shortened. The fixtures come out of one environment that has a particular ceiling height and go into another environment which can be different.

10. How do you measure the diameter of the fixture ?
To measure the diameter - start from center of Light to widest point x 2.

11. Is a fixture over a table lower than a fixture that you walk under?
We usually like to place a fixture at just above eye level

12. How is the fixture shipped?
In 99% of the cases we ship UPS ground . We can use another common carrier should the size of the light have different requirements.

13. Is the fixture insured when being shipped?
All fixtures are insured . We have an excellent record when it comes to damage in shipment because we adhere closely to UPS packaging guidelines.

14. What is your return policy if I do not like what I buy?
We have two return policies :
- With the 7 day return policy you may return a fixture as long as your Ship Date is 7 days from the date you receive the fixture.
- The second policy is an unlimited return policy for merchandise credit. Please refer to our Consumer Policy Brochure on the Policies page of our Web site .

15. Do I need an electrician?
We recommend in all cases that you use an electrician when installing fixtures. We have control over the safety of our fixtures but we do not know what you have in your ceilings and behind your walls.

16. Should I be concerned about my Privacy?
We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. The information we collect from you is used only by Genuine Antique Lighting and is not given out to any other source. See Our Privacy and Security Policies.

17. How do I pay you?
When purchasing an Antique Light from us please tell us the item numbers of the lights you want to buy. You can purchase the Light online, call us with your credit card number or snail mail a personal check.