Conversation w/Client about Art Nouveau Flush Dome

Hi Tom,
I hope you are well in these strange times. I know they have not been very positive for most businesses and I am hoping that you are managing OK. I was in a recent correspondence with an architect specializing in historic renovation and I was pleased to send her links to your site. I got to talking with my wife about it and we started looking for ways that might let us show our support with a purchase. We have six of your fixtures now and enjoy them very much. There is one relatively large room on our top floor that could use one more. The ceilings are 8′ and we were thinking of a flush fixture. I have had an eye on your item 1722f for years, but I have not been sure about it and the $4200 price is beyond our means. Nonetheless, we’d like to find a way to do some business and we could be talked into a flush fixture. What is your opinion of this design? I know the in person look and feel can be pretty different from the web pictures. Do you think it could look nice in a large room with an 8′ ceiling? What’s the best price you could offer? I should also ask if you have other flush fixtures not depicted on the site, too.
Washington D.C.

Reply to J.B. from Tom Powers

But to answer your question I am doing surprisingly well. Probably because of people like you but also because I have developed a way to do business online and have found ways to counteract the resistance associated with that. Having said that I am not breaking any records and have to take every opportunity seriously.

I really appreciate your nice words and that the fixtures still give you a lot of enjoyment. That is really my stock and trade if I can accomplish it. It in itself is very satisfying.

There are two things I really like about this fixture.
1) It has a large enough diameter 20 inches to be the only fixture in a large room. And second it is interesting enough in design to be this only fixture.
It is an Arts and Crafts fixture and has this more organic wavy glass which to me is an
Art Nouveau influence. The two movements are somewhat different operationally. Arts and Crafts is a return on the part of Craftsmen to an era that is more simple and handmade. And the resulting design comes out of that sentiment. Art Nouveau is much more of a movement that is a style and somewhat comes out of early advertising. It is organic but a stylized organic sentiment. An example would be stylized Art Nouveau lettering. Or Toulouse- Lautrec’s Posters. It might be thought of as something more in the control of Graphic Artists. Honestly there are many more influences on the movement.

But in the US Art Nouveau is a Victorian sub style. More of a detail and less of a movement like you would see in the Czech Republic or Spain where there are complete buildings in the Art Nouveau style.

This Art Nouveau influence on the fixture is one of the things that makes it able to stand alone. Say more of a sculptural quality. It is not so Art Nouveau but influenced in a way that makes it interesting.

It will be 6′ 9″ from the floor in the room. It has a drop of 15 inches. You could take a tape and put it up to that height and get a feel if you think that would feel comfortable. It will give you plenty of light. It has many sockets inside.