Antique Pendants and Wall Sconces

Hi Margaret ,

These are the Pendants you looked at :

Tapered Leaded Glass Arts & Crafts Pendants, Circa 1920










And here are some close to the Wall Sconces:









– Tom

Margaret :

Should you wish to purchase some of our lights I would have to send you an invoice from my Merchant Services that you could use to pay. 

Please let me answer some other questions ahead of time:

 We ship UPS Ground and have done for 30 years. We have never had a damage claim because we overpack when it comes to UPS Packaging Guidelines. We have one chance to get it to you safely because we sell one of a kind antique lights and cannot send you a replacement copy.

We sell 90% of our lights online and have to have a good return policy:

Everything is professionally wired with state of the art sockets , wire and hardware.

Easy for an Electrician to hang.

We were awarded Best of Houzz in 2017-2020 Please see our reviews on Houzz and Google:,1&cad=h

 Please let me know if you have any other questions.


 Tom Powers


Thank you, Tom.

We also liked 2670p but were worried that the length of the shade would seem small along the 9 foot island.  On 2658p would any light emanate from the bottom? We also liked 2864s , 2861s and 2868s.  We need 3 pendants for the kitchen and 3 wall sconces for the hallway.  

I appreciate your time on the phone and look forward to your response.

Thank you,


Tom, I forgot to ask about your return policy.  If we ordered one light and it didn’t work could we send it back for refund?


Hi Margaret –

 I agree 2658P is more the size foe a 9 foot Island. The 2670P may feel a little small. I have 3 of 2868S and  2 of 2861S and 2 of 2864s but have 3 of 2878s. The 2658P is not open on bottom. The 2670P is open on the bottom.

 As to a better price can you be specific about which 6 items you are interested in. So I can see what I can do?



Hi Margaret,

Sorry yes return policy full refund on returns.



Hi Tom,

Thanks for the info.  We would need 3 of the 2658P and 3 sconces.  We really liked the 2864s but you only have 2.  How is the light of the 2878s different from the 2864s?  Do you have any other hall type sconces coming in?

Thanks so much Tom.


You are welcome Margaret –

 The glass in both sconces is almost the same. Also the glass in the 2658P

is very close also. These start life as a big flat sheet. Then a mold is made to slump the glass over to be leaded together. But the glass sheet itself

is slag glass and has a lot of different variations in texture and hue. The difference between the shades would be due to these differences.

 Please let me know your choices and will do the best I can.