ik-sh-1c-alcoveFront Door Alcove

ik-sh-1e-alcoveFront door Alcove

ik-sh-2-kitchenKitchen Island

ik-sh-3-kitchen-island-pendantsKitchen Island

ik-sh-3a-kitchen-islands-pendantsKitchen Island

ik-sh-4-kitchen-table-chandelierDining room

ik-sh-4a-dining-room-table-chandelierDining room

ik-sh-5-arts-and-crafts-chandelier-with-slag-glass-shadesd-rmDining room

ik-sh-5a-dining-roomDining room



ik-sh-7a-downstairs-hallway-sconcesDownstairs Hallway

ik-sh-7b-downstairs-hallway-sconcesDownstairs Hallway

ik-sh-8a-back-hallwayBack Stairwell

ik-sh-8-leaded-glass-sconce-back-hallwayBack Stairwell

ik-sh-9-guest-bedroomGuest Bedroom

ik-sh-9a-guest-bedroomGuest Bedroom

ik-sh-9b-guest-bedroom-sconceGuest Bedroom

ik-sh-10-upstairs-hallway-sconceUpstairs Hallway

ik-sh-10a-upstairs-hallway-sconceUpstairs Hallway






  • Circa 1901 Dutch Colonial
  • IK-SH - Circa 1915, Art Nouveau Leaded Glass Inverted Dome, Foyer
  • IK-SH-  Circa 1910, Leaded Glass Inverted Dome - Front Door Alcove
  • IK-SH - Kitchen
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Leaded Glass Pendants - Kitchen Island
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Japanese Revival Arts and Crafts Chandelier, Kitchen Table
  • IK-SH - Circa 1915, Arts and Crafts Chandelier with Slag Glass Shades, Dining Room -
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Cast Brass Sconce with Leaded Glass Shade - Bathroom
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Sconces with Leaded Glass Shades - Downstairs Hallway
  • IK-SH - Circa 1915, Leaded Glass Sconce, Back -Stairwell
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Leaded Glass Sconce Guest bedroom
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Leaded Glass Sconce -Upstairs Hallways
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Leaded Glass Inverted Dome - Stairwell
  • IK-SH - Circa 1910, Leaded Glass Pendant - Upstairs Bath

Review from Houzz

    Tom Powers, the proprietor, provided perfect service: he spent time showing us his inventory at his store in Boston; he then came to our house multiple times with lighting that he thought would be suitable; and my wife and I purchased many pieces that have transformed the look of our house. Tom has a great eye. Also, he doesn't want to sell pieces that are not appropriate to their setting--there's no pressure from him to buy; he only wants to please. I recommend him with true enthusiasm.
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Circa 1901 Dutch Colonial-New England