EW2007 Contemporary Home - Southeastern, MA







EW-3Dining room


EW-3ADining room



E&B W - Kitchen - Kitchen Island Light, Circa 1915
E&B W - Dining room - 3 & 4 Gas & Electric Chandelier, Circa 1900's
E & B W - Stairwell - Large Leaded Glass Inverted Dome, Circa 1915

Light Power is an amazing store!!! The owners know more about lighting than anyone I have ever met.They have a wide range of fixtures that can be placed in a variety of setting, antiques through more contemporary homes. Their prices are great!!! You get very high quality fixtures that you can't find anywhere else.


When we were building out house on Cape Cod, we debated about the style of lighting to use. Most of the fixtures in the house were modern. But when we saw what Light Power could do with Antique Lighting Fixtures, we ended up with three fixtures that Tom custom fitted.  They are the lighting center pieces of the kitchen, dining area and our front foyer.

The antique lights give the rooms a warmth and a genuine feel that new fixtures just can't match. And interestingly, they make the other modern fixtures look even better in their own right.

It's nice to work with folks in an old-fashioned business where they truly understand their product and make sure that you're totally satisfied. We are.